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Lifehook products are the key component of a complete fall protection system for utility climber training.  Lifehook anchors articulate to follow the trainee and provide unrestricted mobility as they climb and transition around the utility pole.  The rotating davit keeps the self-retracting lifeline above and slightly behind the climber’s center of gravity for the benefit of preventing swing falls, and eliminating injuries from striking the pole upon arrest of a fall.  If preventing falls and injuries is a serious concern in your training program, there is a Lifehook solution for you.

Pole Top 360º System
Height-Adjustable System

Whether utilized in training for 100% connection or in the training of traditional free climbing techniques, proof-tested Lifehook fall protection products help you comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations.  While providing regulatory compliance and eliminating dangerous falls, customers have realized lower compensation costs, fewer “fear of falling” terminations, and higher productivity in how quickly the climber can acquire proper climbing techniques.

These utility training fall protection systems are custom configured for the particular needs of your technical training program.  Lifehook anchors are available in height-adjustable and pole top versions with adjustable mounting brackets to fit a wide variety of poles with no need to shave or shim.  Compatible self retracting lifelines are available in several lengths in either polyester web, galvanized cable, or stainless steel braided wire.  The superior strength, performance, and durability of Lifehook products have made them the choice of training professionals since 1987.

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